Personal Denture Characterisation

Over the last few years, there has been a number of advances in dental technology that allows us to create a uniquely personalised and aesthetically pleasing denture, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort. We offer the following optional extras:

Gum Tinting:
If you've seen a denture, you may have noticed the pink plastic is all one smooth, featureless flat colour, and doesn't replicate the intricacies and variations of a natural gum. By carving and tinting the gingival (gum) region of the denture, we are able to achieve a much more 'true to life' denture.

Gold Inlays:
Gold inlays are an interesting way to characterise your denture. The size and shape of the inlay is completely customisable.

This is something that is especially helpful if a patient is in care/nursing home. If required, we can put a name and contact number in a denture for easy identification.

Tooth Jewels:
If you like a little 'bling' in your life, we are able to put a small diamante in almost any colour on a denture tooth of your choice. Different size and shape stones are available for complete individuality.

Contact us on (07) 55 232 555 for more information on personal denture characterisation, or for your complimentary, no obligation consultation appointment.