Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a denture (either full or partial) that is designed in collaboration with your dentist, to replace teeth that are yet to be extracted. As the name suggests, this means that you are replacing extracted teeth immediately, and not walking around without any teeth.

An immediate denture is a completely personalised way to lessen the discomfort and embarrassment of having no teeth. If this is what has been recommended for you, an immediate denture will be made in our practice, with our prosthetist's custom designing the denture to match your remaining teeth (if applicable), and to be as close to your natural setting as possible. The immediate denture is made while your natural teeth are still in pace, and inserted by your dentist immediately after the teeth have been extracted. However this is not the end of this process. Where your natural teeth have been extracted, your gums are shrinking rapidly, and your immediate dentures will need some maintenance within the first 6 months in the initial form of adjustments, a temporary denture lining, and eventually a reline. This is extremely important for both your comfort, and your oral health.

Keep in mind, a denture will never be as good as your natural teeth and should be viewed as an alternative to no teeth, rather than an alternative to natural teeth.

After your immediate denture has been completed, you will probably need adjustments. This is completely normal and we are more than happy to adjust your dentures for you as many times as you need it. There is no charge for this service, so if you have a problem, let us know - we're always happy to hear from you!

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