Denture Repairs and Tooth Additions

If you've broken your denture odds are it can be repaired. There are very few situations when a broken denture needs to be replaced rather than repaired, and the same can be said for the addition of teeth to your existing denture.
We offer a 2-3 hour repair service on all acrylic repairs with all work done in house. No appointment is needed, just bring your broken denture in, and let us have a look. 

If you have lost a natural tooth, it is possible to add it to an existing denture, however the technique required to add the tooth depends on the style of your denture. In this situation, you are best to make a complimentary consultation appointment with one of our friendly prosthetists for a personalised treatment plan.

After your repair or tooth addition has been completed, you may need adjustments. This is completely normal and we are more than happy to adjust your dentures for you as many times as you need it. There is no charge for this service, so if you have a problem, let us know - we're always happy to hear from you!

Contact us on (07) 55 232 555 for more information on repairs, or for your complimentary, no obligation consultation appointment.

*provided we receive the broken denture prior to 1pm Mon – Thurs, and prior to 11am on Fridays